Saturday, March 10, 2007

Expanding Your “Learning Territory”

“Learning expands the territory in which you live, and allows you to develop your fullest potential.”

Technology, applied thoughtfully, can equip adult learners with the tools needed to expand their learning territory and grow potential. Our challenge, as instructional technology professionals, is to ensure the applied technology directly serves the adult learner, and does not distract the learner from the primary goal: increasing knowledge, understanding, skills, and potential. Our primary focus, then, should be on the learning and not the technology.

Since new technology creates an environment in which adult learners have to adapt, we must ensure this learning space, this territory, is accessible, easy to navigate, and expandable. As adult learners traverse this territory, the technology should help to promote self-direction and expression within this learning environment.


Anonymous said...

I'm very glad to have attended one of your training sessions.

You are FINE, Fun-Informational-Notable-Effective! I wish you will more training engagement in NJ.

Keep it up!

Old Bridge, NJ

Karl Kapp said...


I really like the concept of Learning Territory. A learner can navigate the territory with a map (traditional e-learning) or can explore with a compass (Web 2.0 Learning). Our job as designers is to provide the tool so the learner can navigate as he or she chooses.