Friday, March 16, 2007

Considerations when Implementing Instructional Technologies

Prior to implementing any new technology for adult learners, we need to give consideration to certain instructional factors:

  • Will the technology improve information delivery?
  • Does it empower the learner toward achieving a goal?
  • Will it expand the “instructional territory” the learner is traversing?
  • Is the new technology a complement to the instructional objectives?
  • Will the learner benefit from using this technology?
  • Can the new technology be integrated into the existing instructional structure?
Keep in mind that ease-of-use is critical. The technology must be intuitive to use. If learners find the curve to adapt too steep, they may look for something else.
In addition, the technology must provide a real benefit to the learner, and be integrated with sound instructional design principles.

The question we should ask is, will the new technology expand the learner’s territory in a positive way by providing a greater potential for interactivity, collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and personal development?

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